Thursday, June 19, 2014

C-Plan (Consolidated Plan) Application – Now Open

I recently received this information from the Iowa Department of Education and thought I'd pass it on....
C-Plan (Consolidated Plan) Application – Now Open
APR, CSIP, DDSDP and Iowa Core Plans are due September 15th. SINA/DINA Plans will not be available until October and are due November 1.
Elements for the APR that are pre-populated by the Department will not be available until August.
** New this year - Additional DDSDP Question - “When was this DDSDP approved by the school board?” – this is a date field that should be populated with the date the board meeting was held during which the DDSDP entered into C-Plan was approved.
Documentation of all C-Plan questions, as well as a webinar for new users, can be found on the Department’s website at
Merging Districts - Please note that district information will not be updated until mid July. There is no need to wait for this update to enter information into your district’s plans.

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