Thursday, February 6, 2014

Fine Arts Alignment with the Iowa Core Universal Constructs Resources

The Fine Arts Alignment with the Iowa Core Universal Constructs resources were written to illustrate how fine arts teachers can align their instruction to the universal constructs from the Iowa Core. By showing connections between the universal constructs and fine arts, these resources demonstrate how fine arts support the implementation of the Iowa Core.

Fine arts are particularly well-suited in supporting students in developing the universal constructs important for success in the 21st Century. The Fine Arts Iowa Core Companion documents can be located on/at

Iowa Core Companion documents are intended to fulfill the charge from the Iowa Department of Education that the “work” of implementing the Iowa Core is the responsibility of all educators in Iowa. Iowa Core Companion documents provide support and resources for educators wishing to identify connections to the Iowa Core. The information provided in the companion documents is not required of all schools or districts.

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