Monday, January 20, 2014

How to Monitor Your Implementation of the Iowa Core

It has been brought to our attention that many district level teams struggle with knowing how to monitor the implementation of the Iowa Core.  We have put together a few components to assist with this work.

Assure Delivery of the Planned Activities as stated in your Iowa Core Implementation Plan:
  • Make sure your DLT/Iowa Core team is meeting regularly to monitor the delivery of the Iowa Core Implementation Plan
  • Make sure your DLT/Iowa Core team is setting clear goals and priorities and communicates this with ALL stakeholders
Facilitate Ongoing Support to ALL Staff:
  • DLT/Iowa Core team members review the Iowa Core Implementation Plan progress at established, regular staff meetings
  •   DLT/Iowa Core team provides adequate professional development time to accomplish the Iowa Core work
  • DLT/Iowa Core team collects perceptual and hard data related to individual and organizational change and needs of the implementation of the Iowa Core
  • DLT/Iowa Core team provides frequent opportunities for teachers to collaborate with peers
  • DLT/Iowa Core team plans for assistance to both new and experiences staff
  • DLT/Iowa Core team collects feedback on PD and provides reciprocal accountability
  • DLT/Iowa Core team systematically measures, analyzes, and interpret data
  • DLT/Iowa Core team use data to guide adjustments
Monitor Teacher Implementation of Professional Development & Learnings
  • DLT/Iowa Core team regularly checks for fidelity of implementation of incorporating the Iowa Core Outcomes into the teaching and learning environments
  • DLT/Iowa Core team modifies or adjusts activities and/or professional development based upon implementation data analysis
  • DLT/Iowa Core team reports progress to all stakeholders on a regular basis                                                          

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